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Artist Statement

Even as a child I was fascinated by how colour combinations blend together to create beautiful images like a flower blooming on a sunny day or a colorful bird in a tree. The colours appear bolder, richer, and livelier to me. Colours capture my attention and help me relax.

​I started painting as a teenager and quickly adopted a realistic style. Under the guidance of my secondary school arts teacher I was encouraged to paint what I saw. What I saw were images of animals and flowers with vibrant colours which I felt brought them to life. The striking flower paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe were a major inspiration to me.

​Acrylic on canvas is my prefered media. I love the wide range of bold colours and the ease with which I can blend colours into realistic images.


My usual approach is to paint from photos of animals, flowers, or objects. I choose photo images with bold colours and then use Photoshop to increase the colour contrast and saturation of the picture. After an initial rough pencil drawing of the image on canvas I add different layers of base colours followed by layers of fine detail and colour blending until I am satisfied that the overall image has come to life.

​The positive reactions to my use of colours has always been a great motivation to me as an artist. My career aspiration as an artist is to be recognized for vibrant paintings with nature and life themes.

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